testimonials 2


I employed Robyn late last month to refurbish the curtains and blinds in the guest bedroom as well as replace two blinds.

I found Robyn to be very approachable and she was not prepared to let me make any decisions until some more fabric had come in, as she felt it may be more suitable after I had described my requirements. This was a wise choice, as it was one that I chose!

Robyn is also able to make sure that, while I was of the thought that “near enough is good enough”, she made me see that lining the top of the curtains and blinds in the guest bedroom was a much better outcome visually.

I am very happy with the service Robyn provided, she kept in contact regarding the arrival of material, and also made enquiries regarding sunlight and the backing on the curtains.

I would happily recommend Insider and if anyone wishes to see the work, I am happy to provide access.

Thank you for your professionalism.

(Janet, Thames)



I'm delighted, Awesome service and highly recommended. Thanks Robyn

(Sarah, Thames)